Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ruth 4~Who turns emptiness into fullness?

This attributes this chapter shows are that God:
  • builds up families
  • creates life
Take some time and go back through all the attributes of God and thank Him for each one that He is in your life. The full list from the whole book of Ruth is that God:
  • comes to peoples aid-1:6
  • provides food.-1:6
  • shows kindness.-1:8
  • can turn against us.-1:13
  • God is a personal God.-1:16
  • has control of our lives-1:17
  • the Lord can bring affliction-1:21
  • is with us-2:4
  • blesses individuals-2:4
  • is the God of Israel-2:12
  • is a protector-2:12
  • sees our work-2:12
  • rewards-2:12
  • shows us where to go-2:20
  • God blesses individuals -3:10
  • God lives -3:13
  • builds up families-4:
  • creates life-4:
Compare this list to the list you made at the beginning and see how much you've learned.

Key Words
Redeemer-refer to week 3
Kinsman Redeemer-refer to week 2 and 3

The concluding chapter of Ruth brings everything we have studied together in a beautiful way. In chapter 4, we continue to see a life of integrity and commitment to God in Boaz. We see faithfulness to God in Naomi and Ruth. If we look into the eyes of Naomi we see emptiness turned to fullness.
Ruth is a tapestry of what an empty life can become through faith in a living God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Two things are evident in chapter 4:

1. God takes emptiness and turns it to fullness.
We see an empty Naomi in chapter 1 transformed into a blessed woman in chapter 4.
When Naomi left Moab it says she was grieving and empty. Personally, I know the feeling all too well. She was a woman empty in her heart and her soul. Naomi came back to Bethlehem totally defeated but with a deep faith that sustained her even in her weakness.

It was God that...
...provided her a faithful daughter in law.
...brought her circumstance to a faithful family member.
...redeemed her from her sorrow.
...restored her heart, relationships and her estate.
Ruth had grown up in the spiritually empty land of Moab. But we see God take the emptiness that must have been in her heart and turn into a heart full of love for God and her family.
Naomi & Ruth
God took two women and turned their empty lives into lives that were overflowing with blessing. NO MAN could ever do what God did in their lives just like no man can ever do what God can do in any of our lives.

2. God answers prayer.

God's answers are the best. He can take the most unlikely to succeed and turn it into the greatest success.
Examples from throughout the Bible:
Chapter 4 shows elders praying for Naomi, Boaz and Ruth...prayers for all of them to be raised up and be pillars of God in the world. Guess what?!?!? Jesus came from the line of Boaz and Ruth. WOW!
  • Mary -unwed- mother of Jesus
  • Tamar-a converted prostitute-in the line of Jesus
  • Ruth-a woman from a godless land- in line of Jesus
What unlikely situation do you need for God to take in your own life to redeem for His glory?
Give it to Him. He will.

I have so enjoyed the time we have spent in Ruth and learned so much. I hope you have.

God bless you!

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